Donate – Support the Wild Salmon Count


After learning that the streams in Area 11 on BC’s Central Coast were no longer being counted, Wild Salmon Count was formed in 2018. Now, we need your support to ensure we can continue to count and gather important data on the wild salmon population in this area.

We are currently raising funds to support the Wild Salmon Count. Contact us to learn about how you can donate or get involved.

All funds raised will go towards covering the costs associated with doing the wild salmon count. From fuel to travel to gear, your funds help ensure we can continue to count the salmon population in Area 11.


Participate – Join Us for the 2019 Count


As a Wild Salmon Count participant, you will live aboard a Wild Salmon Count boat and spend your days counting salmon, learning about the area from local guides, fishing and exploring the natural beauty of British Columbia.

Interested in participating in a count? We’ll release details for the 2019 count in Spring 2019. Email to be added to the 2019 count wait list.


Educate – Learn More About Wild Salmon<


Learning and sharing information about BC’s wild salmon population is key to raising awareness and support for this issue. We’ve compiled some resources here to get you started.